If you are having difficulties with redeeming incentives and survey rewards please reach out to your Panel administrator/support first.

If your Panel administrator/support are unable to help, you can also reach the in-house OpinionAPP support team.

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What is a survey panel?
Survey panels (or research panels) are made of recruited groups of people like you who have agreed to take surveys for market research studies. Members are usually given incentives to reward them for their time and participation.

How do I sign up to use OpinionAPP?
OpinionAPP is offered for free to survey panels that are part of the Cint panel network. If you are a member in one or more of these panels, you are then able to use OpinionAPP.
If you are not yet part of a panel with is also a partner of Cint you will need to sign up with one before you can use OpinionAPP. Once you have selected a panel you wish to join, simply select “Sign up/Join”. (Please make sure to select the appropriate country of residence if so asked). Follow the steps given to set up your account. You will have to give some basic information and choose a password. Soon after, you will be sent a confirmation email. Follow the link emailed and you will be able to begin taking surveys!

How do the surveys work?
Online surveys: You will receive an invitation to participate in the survey by email. The invitation email will contain a link to the survey and along with how long and how much rewards you may earn. The survey will start once you click on the link: You will be asked questions that you can answer with a simple click of the mouse or by entering text.

Is it free to take surveys?
Yes, it is free to take the surveys. Participating in surveys is completely voluntary.

Do you share my information with anyone else?
No, we will not share your information with anyone without your permission. Your responses are used for research purposes only.

  • None of your personal information will ever be released to anyone without your permission.
  • Your answers will be kept strictly confidential.
  • Your answers will be combined with hundreds of other participants’ answers and only reported in aggregate.

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